To my Denver audiences,

I have severed my connection with the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, where for two years I was pleased to present monthly screenings of (mostly noir) films from my personal canon. Thanks to all who attended the screenings and the Q&A's at the Pub. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

— James Ellroy

For information about the films I presented, please see the dedicated In a Lonely Place page.

Past Events

Noir City Noir Film Festival: L.A. Confidential
Egyptian Theatre
Paris, France
Cinémathèque française
Rennes, France
Les Champs Libres
Vincennes, France
Cinéma Le Vincennes
Vincennes, France
Hôtel de Ville
Nancy, France
Hôtel de Ville
Tour de France and Belgium: Vincennes
Centre Culturel Georges Pompidou
Tour de France and Belgium: Brussels
Salle Flagey
Turin, Italy
Il Circolo dei Lettori
Thomas Mallon discusses his new novel, Finale: The Reagan Years, together with James Ellroy
Skylight Books