James Ellroy

Dear Ellroy readers, enthusiasts, adherents, apparatchiks, and feckless followers worldwide:

Achtung, motherfuckers!!!!! Here’s a day-by-day public-appearance itinerary for yours truly – the Demon Dog of American Literature!!! This is my schedule for the simultaneous publication of This Storm, my new novel, and of my L.A. Quartet and Underworld U.S.A. Trilogy – in the prongingly prestigious Everyman’s Library perennial hardcover editions. FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE GROOVY GIGS:


Columbia, South Carolina

Various events at University of South Carolina from October 9th through October 16th, for students and for the public. Details to follow.



September 19 and 20

Hay Festival, Segovia

Interview on stage with Guillermo Altares, journalist with EL PAIS; LA CARA OCULTA DE HOLLYWOOD


45 minute hosted conversation, followed by Q&A and signing session

Barcelona, Los Ángeles: el pasado, mañana

6:00 p.m. Interview on stage with the writer and BCNegra Director Carlos Zanón

7:30 p.m.: Signing session