James Ellroy


Early Novels

Brown's Requiem

A Novel

A less-than-spotless former cop with a drinking problem, a private-eye-cum-repo man with a taste for great music, he has been known to wallow in the grime beneath the Hollywood glitter. But Brown’s life is about to change, thanks to a racist psycho who flashes too much cash for a golf caddie and who walked away clean from a multiple murder rap. Reopening this case could be Fritz’s redemption—his welcome back to a moral world and his path to a pure and perfect love. But to get there, he must make it through a grim, lightless place where evil has no national borders; where lies beget lies and death begets death; where there’s little tolerance for Bach or Beethoven, and deadly arson is a lesser mortal sin. And where a PI’s unhealthy interest in the past can turn beautiful music into a funeral dirge.

Other books in Early Novels

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