James Ellroy


L.A. Quartet

The Big Nowhere

A Novel

The characters: Danny Upshaw—a sheriff’s deputy stuck with a bunch of murders that nobody cares about. Mal Considine—DA’s Office brass, climbing on the Red Scare bandwagon to advance his own career. Buzz Meeks—bagman, ex-goon and pimp for Howard Hughes, a man who fights Communism for the money. All three have purchased tickets to a nightmare worse than their darkest dreams.

“Stark, brutal, tender and powerful…a remarkably vivid portrait of a remarkable time and place.” —Publisher’s Source

X-rated for violence.

Author of the bestselling Black Dahlia, James Ellroy pens another thriller—a noir epic of three men caught in a web of ambition, perversion and deceit during the 1950s in L.A. Each is on a collision course with the Communist scare and a string of brutal murders. Reissue.

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