James Ellroy


Ellroy in Spain

From January 28th through February 2nd, Ellroy participated in numerous radio and television interviews in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain both to promote the new release there of the Spanish-language edition of My Dark Places. In Barcelona, Ellroy was presented with the prestigious Pepe Carvalho Award as part of the annual BCNegra celebration of crime fiction.


“Crime fiction is the single biggest cultural export of America.” — @jamesellroy #BCNegra18

“Estimo als crítics quan ells m’estimen, i els odio quan ells m’odien. No m’interessa l’èxit, el que vull és escriure” — @jamesellroy.

“I love the critics when they love me, and I hate it when they hate me. I do not want success, what I want is to write” — @jamesellroy.