James Ellroy


In James Ellroy’s First Podcast, Old Hauntings Find a New Sound

KJ: James, I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and James Ellroy’s Hollywood Death Trip is not like any I’ve heard before. I absolutely love it. How do you describe it to people?

JE: These are personal documents that serve as a valediction in blood. The first true crime piece I ever wrote, for GQ magazine, was called “My Mother’s Killer.” It was about the experience of seeing my mother’s LA County Sheriff’s homicide file, unsolved, 36 years after the fact. Reading the file, commenting on the file, describing the file for the pages of GQ, detailing the nitty-gritty minutia of the file. And here it is, and I’m reading it now for Audio Up and Audible. And now I know why God made me a bass baritone: I’ve got a good voice for this.

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