James Ellroy


American Tabloid Narrated by Ellroy Dropping Now!!!!!

You’re getting every word of the original book. It’s coming at you uncut, unabridged, unbowdlerized, and unexpurgated. You’re getting Mattress Jack Kennedy’s rise and fall from the perspective of the three rogue cops who will come to waste his punk ass in Dallas. The book takes no prisoners and spares no sensibilities. It’s 576 scalding pages — and a hot-wired hot rod to Hell. Ditto, the podcast. It runs 21 hours. Hotshot actors read the dialogue. El Jefe Ellroy himself reads the narration — and, man, what a baleful bass-baritone!!!!! Add on a sin-tillating late '50s/early ‘60s soundtrack and an array of savage sound effects. It all adds up to a carcinogenic cocktail that you’ve got to imbibe —

Get it!!!!!

And don’t forget to read or re-read the book.