James Ellroy


Hold for Probable Nightmares: Son of Griff and wallflower Talk About James Ellroy’s THIS STORM

Look alive—all you mofos out in cyberspace!!!! This is El Jefe Ellroy, your lunar-looped literary leader, writing to you from my pulsating pad in delirious Denver, Colorado. AND, I’m here to insidiously introduce my friends John “Son of Griff” Anderson and Grant “Wallflower” Nebel—two recidivistically rogue college professors whom I look upon as my bristling brain trust. This serves as my formal introduction to their dynamic dialogue on my new novel, This Storm. It’s my best book, fuckers, and Griff and Wallflower are feasting on it, like the pustulant pit bulls that they are!!!! Read their piece and gas on their purulent perceptions!!! Go out and buy noxiously numerous copies of This Storm!!!!!!!!!!