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Hot on the heels of his noxious new novel, Widespread Panic, pandemically published June 15 by Alfred A. Knopf. James Ellroy’s Hollywood Death Trip is baaaaaaad to the be-bop bone!!! It will lash listeners and lay them low!!!!! El Jefe Ellroy’s time-tripping back to hellacious Hollyweird, the delirious demimonde that formed the fount of his licentious literary vision. He’ll nuke-bomb narrate his best true-crime pieces. They will surgingly circumscribe mid-century L.A. and set it aflame. Sin-sational murder cases, mellifluous music, and socko sound effects. Man, it’s rip-roaring radio at its boffo best!!!!

The Karyn Kupcinet case. The Stephanie Gorman snuff. Winter ’76 – Sicko Sal Mineo is slashed outside his Sunset Strip love lair. A lurid leap back to ’58, as Ellroy gives us the furtive 411 on his own mother’s murder.

“Nothing moves the needle in this medium like true crime. To work with The Master himself to create a first-of-its-kind series that harkens back to the golden age of tabloid radio is a dream come true.”

So sez Audio Up’s Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Jellinek

James Ellroy’s first-ever podcast series is the perfect addition to our growing slate of prestige programming. Ellroy and true crime is a match made in Heaven.”

So sez Audio Up founder and CEO Jared Gutstadt

“Summer ’21 is the soil-your-soul season of the Demon Dog,” Ellroy sez. “I’m a rapacious reader of my own work, and I’m here to rip and revitalize radio and run it raw. And that’s no shivering shit, Daddy-O.”

Ellroy’s Soil-Your-Soul summer fast approaches. Knopf publishes Widespread Panic early on. The Demon Dog’s new novel features legendary Hollyweird fixer Freddy Otash, an ex-cop, shakedown artist, and strongarm goon for Confidential magazine. Panic panders to the sex-singed sinner in all of us – as it toasts and torches ‘50’s Hollywood to the ground.

Bad-ass book to rock ‘em/sock ‘em radio – James Ellroy’s Hollywood Death Trip has dropped!