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Ellroy will discuss his experience turning his work into audio entertainment
Leading independent podcast studio Audio Up has reunited with James Ellroy, “the Demon Dog of American Literature,” to adapt his seminal novel of historical fiction, American Tabloid, into a 12-episode scripted series.
The recognition includes an interview between James and GQ Associate Editor Paul Henderson in the October issue of British GQ
James Ellroy on his life in crime, his imaginary dog and the need to provoke.
Look alive—all you mofos out in cyberspace!!!! This is El Jefe Ellroy, your lunar-looped literary leader, writing to you from my pulsating pad in delirious Denver, Colorado. AND, I’m here to …

The Los Angeles crime novelist, whose new book is “This Storm,” is no fan of Cormac McCarthy’s work: “McCarthy fails to employ quotation marks. Neither did William Faulkner, another cat I don’t dig.”

Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

The crime writer opens up about his mother’s murder, his love of dogs, and his new novel, This Storm. Just don’t ask him about Donald Trump.
Dear Ellroy readers, enthusiasts, adherents, apparatchiks, and feckless followers worldwide: Achtung, motherfuckers!!!!! Here’s a day-by-day public-appearance itinerary for yours truly – the Demon Dog …
Writing for The Hollywood Reporter, the best-selling author of ‘L.A. Confidential’ delves into police files from 1976 and revisits the complicated two-year pursuit of the Oscar-nominated star’s killer — told here from the point of view of the detectives who painstakingly worked the case from West Hollywood to Michigan.
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Ellroy signs books for fans in front of the Egyptian Theater prior to his and Eddie Muller’s presentation of L.A. Confidential, as part of the Los Angeles 2018 Noir City Noir Film Festival.
From January 28th through February 2nd, Ellroy participated in numerous radio and television interviews in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain both to promote the new release there of the Spanish-language …
Barcelona looks like it belongs in a crime novel: winding, dark alleyways weave through historic, seedy neighborhoods. The Catalan capital has its fair share of grizzly mysteries in its past, but is …
The Fall 2017 issue of America, a Literary quarterly created by François Busnel, with an Ellroy interview. “America Like You’ve Never Read It.”
If you could play one fictional character from a novel on stage or screen, who would it be and why? And one real-life figure you first encountered in a work of nonfiction? I still am young enough to …
It was a murder that gripped New York and would reverberate to the Supreme Court: the brutal 1963 slaying of two “career girls” on the Upper East Side. One of the greatest living crime novelists …
Ellroy appears on the French television show “21CM”
My strange and strangely gifted friend Curtis died earlier this week. His film of my novel L.A. Confidential was a signature moment in my life. The signature was his, more than mine. Thus, this eulogy and post-mortem note of thanks for the splendid gift he gave me.
The truth is no one novel could ever capture the American experience because there is no such thing. Or rather America is far too many things for one novel to ever capture.
From the crime files of the Los Angeles Police Department comes this exquisite tome that into a dark and shadowy world.
Mark Gordon To Finance James Ellroy Novel ‘Blood’s A Rover’ For Movie
…an English version of “The Black Dahlia” adaptation will be released in June. The graphic novel will be published by Archaia, an imprint of Boom! Studios. The cover of the new English hardcover …
On a quiet Monday night at Elway’s Cherry Creek, it’s hard to miss James Ellroy. A trim six-three, clean-domed and fond of Hawaiian shirts, eyes blazing, he’s easily the most animated talker in the room. He’s not particularly loud or demonstrative, but he is passionate, holding forth on love and death and popular culture while attacking a slab of prime rib.
Report from Alfred A. Knopf’s 100th anniversary party on Thursday night at Astor Hall in the main branch of The New York Public Library.
The celebrated crime-fiction author is setting up shop in the Mile High City, and talking smack about John Elway
Brand new crime magazine bags exclusive Sherlock stuff, James Ellroy, Steven Moffat on Columbo and much more… The issue with the Ellroy interview isn’t available online, but there are print and …
Perfidia will be published in Poland in September, Hungary in October, and Greece in early 2016.
The second series of HBO’s acclaimed drama True Detective has met a lukewarm reception from fans since airing in June; now viewers are accusing it of borrowing some of its distinctive features from the crime writer James Ellroy.
LAPD ’53 lingers for fourth week on L.A.TIMES bestseller list
James Ellroy’s LAPD ’53 captures the hopelessness of the year in stark black and white images
James Ellroy delivered a hardboiled (and hilarious!) introduction to Noir City’s doublebill of “Gun Crazy” (1950) and “The Prowler” (1951), both written by the infamously-blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo
Noir fiction master James Ellroy gets real with killer archive material in LAPD ‘53…
RJ Cutler, the maker of documentaries The September Issue and The World According to Dick Cheney who stepped into narrative film with If I Stay, has signed on to direct and co-write My Dark Places.
James Ellroy and Glynn Martin Discuss Their New Crime Book
“After combing through the photo archives of the police museum, Ellroy discovered that 1953 featured the most unusual and striking imagery of the extensive collection and was inspired to write 25,000 …
“I interviewed James Ellroy, the great American noir novelist, at LA’s venerable Pacific Dining Car in April 2001. We were there to discuss his latest book, The Cold Six Thousand, but wound up …
Destination morgue: James Ellroy spills LA’s crime scene secrets – in pictures
Crime writer James Ellroy has teamed up with the Los Angeles Police Museum on LAPD ‘53, a new book that looks at crimes in the city more than 60 years ago.
Best-selling novelist James Ellroy opens up to Encore’s Mariam Saab about starting over three decades into his literary career, the blurred lines between reality and fiction and the real love of his life.
Read about it at the TheEdgars.com or read the press release from the Mystery Writers of America.
Interview by ​Ian Johnston
Where’s the Beef? James Ellroy’s Favorite L.A. Spots for Steak
Writer James Ellroy Talks Bachelor Pads, Beethoven, and a Certain Mystery Woman
With its interconnected stories of murder, espionage and racism, Ellroy’s latest is easier to admire than love
In the shadow of Pearl Harbor, the murder of four members of a prominent Japanese family sets off a police investigation amid a frenzy of paranoia in Perfidia by James Ellroy.
Dennis Lehane on Perfidia​
James Ellroy talks up his new L.A. Quartet
A song about betrayal evokes Los Angeles in the 1940s for the author of ‘The Black Dahlia’
a sprawling, uncompromising epic of crime and depravity, with admirable characters few and far between.
James Ellroy’s Perfidia a Perfect Start in New L.A. Quartet​
James Ellroy, Wholesome? L.A.’s Crime King Lightens Up (a Little) With ‘Perfidia’
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